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but they’re just lobbying OLYMPIA Supporters of Washington state’s film and television industry staged a mock zombie apocalypse at the Capitol on Tuesday as part of their lobbying efforts for a measure to expand a tax incentive program designed to lure more projects to the state. More than 200 people, including actors, crew and support staff, staged a daylong shoot for a promo they plan to
NFL jerseys release later in support of Senate Bill 6027, which would increase the amount of money available every year under Washington’s tax incentive program for the industry. Action scenes were filmed both on the Capitol steps and at a camper set location nearby. Dozens of actors dressed as zombies were part of action scenes where the script included
MLB jerseys monologues or conversations about the bill. One such scene involved actor Russell Hodgkinson, who plays the character of "Doc" on the SyFy’s network’s "Z Nation," which is filmed in Spokane. After fighting with a zombie, who is then shot by another actor, Hodgkinson

Larry Scott shrewdly expanded by two schools, brought more TV markets into the footprint, added inventory, increased flexibility for broadcast windows of football and men basketball games, and leveraged Comcast entry into the market into a 12 year, $3 billion deal with ESPN and FOX. Scott also created the Pac 12 Networks, with one national and six regional feeds and wholly owned by the league, and secured carriage deals with Comcast, Time Warner, Bright House and Cox. All told, the Pac 12 jumped from last to first in annual revenue among the major conferences. But a funny thing happened: The other leagues went to market, and they cashing in. The SEC has since re negotiated its deal with ESPN and created its own network, which launched in August and is already a raging success. In two years, the Big Ten will have a new Tier I deal, and it expected to be a whopper. At that point, the cycle will be complete. All the leagues will have renegotiated their deals in the era of soaring rights, and the Pac 12 could very

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