Certificate Error Fix


Quick Access to certificate (If you do not need the directions)


Zscaler Certificate 2048 Bit SHA256  


The reason for this can be found here: SHA1 Certificates


Power Point Guide :

(Full Power Point)(Works with all versions of office)

(Slide Show)(PPSX Version)



Open a Internet Explorer and type in www.columbus.k12.nc.us/ssl and follow the instructions below:

(If you have Firefox you must do these steps in Internet Explorer and Firefox.)


1.   Click the Link above

step 2

2.    Click Open


Windows XP

Windows 7 and Vista


3.   Click "Install Certificate"

Windows XP

Windows 7 and Vista



4.   Click Next

Windows XP

Windows 7 and Vista



5.   Click “Place all certificates in following store ”  Then Click Browse . . .


step 3



6.   Click “Trusted Root Certification Authorities” Then Click OK


step 4



7.   Click Next

step 5               


8.   Click Finish


step 6               


9.   Click OK


Windows XP

Windows 7 and Vista



10.                     Finished !!!


Thanks for your help!


Technology Department