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The state of North Carolina will no longer pay 10 and 11 month employees on installments over the summer. You must make arrangements with a bank of your choice if you would like to set up a private installment plan to spread your pay out over the summer months for the upcoming school year.

See links at the bottom of this message for BB&T and SECU processes for setting up a summer savings account.
Remember that you can use the bank of your choice, below links are only two that represent most of our staff’s current bank accounts.
Please make sure that you make these arrangements no later than July 31st.

The amount everyone chooses to set aside for summer may be different.

Methods for calculating your monthly set aside-

Take your net amount for both of your summer installment checks- June and July – add together and then divide that amount by 10 months. This will give you your monthly amount to set aside.
You can also use the amount you used last year by looking in employee portal at one of your monthly checks between August and May and there will be a line on the check copy that shows escrow. Remember that this escrow was taken out monthly and not taxed until June and July. The current process will take taxes monthly .

If you have any questions or concerns, please email the addresses below.



Included are instructions for opening an E-Savings Account online with BB&T. 


1.        Click link below to go directly to the E-Savings account page:

eSavings | Banking | BB&T Bank (

2.       Click on “Open an Account” (see picture below)

3.       Answer whether you are existing BB&T client?  If “no”, populate the requested personal information (SSN, cellphone, address, email, etc). Be sure to provide a cell phone number and email address – you will need both to complete the E-sign and Online banking later in the process!

4.       You will need to license or photo ID to complete the process.  When the system requests your ID, please use your phone camera to scan the BARCODE on the back of your ID.  

5.       Once you have completed the process, your Direct Deposit information will populate – please screen shot that information if you are not enrolled in online banking. This is the info that your payroll clerk will need to direct deposit to your savings account!


NOTE:  For teachers with an Existing BB&T@Work checking account, you are eligible for a free savings account that can be opened on any channel – branch or online.


For non-clients, you must use the E-Savings process outlined above.


Please feel free to call me if you need help!  I do travel quite a bit but please leave me a message or shoot me a text and I will return your call.  My cell number is 520-831-0013.


Other helpful contacts from our branches:


Leslie Norris  (910) 914-9943

April Ray  (910) 914-9670

Meredith Jackson (910) 914-9494



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