Employee Benefits FAQ


Insurance Questions:

  1. I am a new employee and need to enroll in the State Health Plan, where do I go?

  2.  I would like to drop or add dependent coverage to State Health Plan, where do I go?https://www.shpnc.org/

  3. Open enrollment for the State Health Plan is October 1st-31st, how do I access my enrollment account? https://www.shpnc.org/ebenefits

  4. I need a new State Health Plan insurance card, how do I get it?
    Use the Get Id Form.

  5. I am a new employee and need to enroll in dental, vision, group term life and medical spending, where do I go?
    Contact Pierce Group Benefits – North Carolina Service Center at 1-888-662-7500, ext. 100.

  6. When can I make changes to my employee benefits program with Columbus County Schools?https://piercegroupbenefits.com/subcontent/columbus-county-schools-important-information-enrollment-2018-2019/

  7. For Columbus County Schools employee benefit program, is there an online enrollment?

  8. Where do I get a dental card?

  9. Where do I get a vision card?https://piercegroupbenefits.com/subcontent/columbus-county-schools-forms-links-2018-2019/

  10. How do check my Flexible Medical Spending account balance?https://piercegroupbenefits.com/subcontent/columbus-county-schools-forms-links-2018-2019/

  11. Does the district offer an Employee Assistance Program?
    All employees who have the group term life insurance policy through Colonial is eligible for the Health Advocate’s Employee Assistance Program and Work/Life Balance Program (EAP + Work/Life). Information about the program is attached here. If you have questions about eligibility for this program, please contact Connie Cox, HBR

Employee Change Forms:

  1. I need to change my name and/or address, what form do I need?
    Name and Address Change Form

  2. I need to change my income tax withholding information, what forms do I need and where do I send the forms?
    Federal W4
    W4 FAQ
    NC Withholding

  3. I would like to change my direct deposit information, where is the form and to whom do I send the information securely?
    |Direct Deposit

  4. How and when can I sign up for installment pay for the summer months?
    Installment Pay Form

  5. I want to resign or retire my position, what form do I use?
    Resignation Retirement Form


  1. When can I retire? Who are my beneficiaries on my retirement account?www.MyNCRetirement.com

  2. What are my supplemental retirement options with Columbus County Schools?www.MyNCRetirement.com
    Universal Availability Notice

  3. How do I enroll? How do I make changes to those accounts?
    403(b) Enrollment

Leave Requests:

  1. Leave request, who do I contact and where do I get the forms for my leave to be approved?

    Classified Leave Request Form
    Certified leave Request Form

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